Car Insurance in Thailand

How to choose the best car insurance and how to claim it?

Car insurance is primarily used to pay for physical damage and injuries.It also covers you against theft, natural disasters, and traffic collisions. Most countries have the rule that vehicles should have insurance before being driven on the road. If you don’t have insurance, its complicated in calming process may lead to financial loss. The insurance needs to be renewed every year. Thai Car Insurance helps you to find the best car insurance policy.

In recent years, the number of road accidents has been increasing in a rapid manner. So choose an insurance policy to protect your life from risk. Your car can be repaired within the budget by the insurance policy for the damage caused to your car in an accident. The first thing you need to do to get car insurance is to apply for a driving license. The insurance company will reject your insurance application instantly if you don’t have a driving licence. The conditions are varied among the insurance companies.

To find out the best car insurance for yourself  visit Thai Car Insurance. They provide the insurance details that suit you.

Car insurance in Thailand usually follows four types of coverage.

  • First-class insurance
  • Second-plus class insurance
  • Third class insurance
  • Third-plus-class insurance

Car Insurance in Thailand

First-class insurance

This method is quite popular compared to other methods, as this type covers the damage caused to your car and also the third party involved in the accident. It may or may not be your fault, fire, or theft. This method has deductibles to lower your burden.

Second-plus class insurance

This method provides coverage for the damaged car and fired car, as well as the stolen cars. But here you won’t get the total value of your car; the amount will be less than the value of the car.

Third class insurance

This type is not preferred by most people. Likely, this won’t provide coverage for your car, in addition to providing coverage for your personal accident.

Third-plus-class insurance

This type is similar to second-plus class insurance with a light change in it. Here it won’t cover fire accidents and theft of vehicles.