Gifting a watch – here’s what you should know

Gifting is a rare and unique art. As you think of a person whom should be gifted, there are many questions that roll in mind like “will they will use it or not? “What if it is out of budget?”, “Is it up to the trend?” etc. But to choose one that suits today’s trend is something you need to take care of. Some watch manufacturers like the rose gold rolex are coming up with new trends which can win your heart.

Before actually stepping to buy one, keep these points in my mind:

Know your budget:  The price of a watch depends upon the material used, properties imbibed and other factors. For example, material like titanium and ceramic are considered to be very expensive. While giving elegant look to the piece, they also ensure durability. That’s why they are high at pricing. If you are fine going with an expensive one, then you can go with these otherwise there are many options available which can suit your budget.

Smart watches: The best gift you can give for today’s generation is a smart watch. While serving the traditional purpose of showing the time, it resolves lot of life style demands like messaging, receiving and sending mails, FM radio, and music and food orders. The price range differs from brand to brand and if suits your budget, it is a viable option. The rose gold rolexcomes in a world of designs and styles to give you a modern look.

Keep the person’s taste in mind: It is important to have an idea of what the gifted is like. His/her tastes and preferences reflect a lot while selecting a gift. If the person you are planning ti gift is a simple dresser, then he/she would want the watch to be simple in design and good in quality. In that case, going for new colours and styles may not fetch you the purpose. If the person is fashion conscious, they he/ she may appreciate your efforts in getting a trendy watch.

Choosing colours: Play it safe when it comes to choosing colours. If the gifted doesn’t like vibrant colours and wants to put it simple, then gaudy colours and designs may not appeal so much. Don’t go with colours like blue and green dials which are in offer in the market. If the person is aware of the watch mechanism, then you can go with bold and vibrant colours.