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First Home Benefits – all you need to know

Even today, the investment in the purchase of the first home is in fact one of the forms of investment most dear to our families: according to “Gli immovable properties in Italy – 2015”, a sector magazine well known to operators, as many as 8.2 families out of 10 are owners of the property where they usually live. This trend is certainly due to cultural heritage, but also the numerous and important public subsidies have certainly helped Italians in buying their first home house for sale koh samui

First home subsidies – what to do before buying

Let’s start by saying that common sense is one of the most important qualities to use in this case as well: for this reason we suggest a brief guide to face the purchase of your first home in a serene way.

Find as much information as you can on the identified property:

go to the place and ask future possible neighbors for information about the seller;

check the cadastral situation of the property : the “online cadastral and mortgage services” section of the official website of the Revenue Agency is useful. Request a mortgage inspection , so that the situation of the property is clear to you regarding: transcripts (sale or real rights) – mortgage registrations (mortgages and the like) – annotations (following cancellations or foreclosures). The mortgage inspection can be requested from the provincial offices of the territory; the service is free in case of co-ownership. If the applicant is not the owner of the building for which he requests an inspection, he must pay the taxes established by law.

Stipulate a preliminary sale:

it is an “agreement between the parties” with which the seller undertakes to transfer the property to the buyer following a subsequent deed of sale. This type of contract MUST be drawn up in writing;

register the preliminary sale agreement with the Revenue Agency, WITHIN 20 days of signing the same. COST: €200.00 registration tax + €16.00 stamp duty;

If the preliminary sale provides for a confirmatory deposit, the taxes go up: registration tax equal to 0.5% of the deposit or 3% of the down payment.